Mental Coaching

Mind is flesh

You are an Athlete and by natural evolution of your motor brain, you are different from others. What you feel when you are performing cannot be understood except by those who have experienced the same sensations as you. The experiences you live during performance come from your body. If you still believe there is a mind, it is because you have not listened to what your flesh is telling you.

Mind is flesh.

Feel yourself

You are an athlete, the primary source of your performance responses comes from your body. Mental training will help you get to the source of your potential. Knowing the preordained systems of your brain will promote your motor freedom.

Feel yourself.

Learn to feel, always.


Process information during performance, following the natural functioning of your brain. Most of the things you choose to do mentally go in the opposite direction to your natural predisposition. You exist to move: that is why you are here.


It's easy if you collaborate with your brain.

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