Nikefobia: you do not exist for this.

Stop fearing victory.

The fear of winning is just an idea. One of the consequences of Nikephobia is to find oneself in a sort of loop in which you desire victory but you end up 'self-sabotaging'. What blocks you is the fear of achieving victory and its consequences, which leads you in an endless cycle in which you feel trapped. 

The extreme copnsequence is to find yourself failing in a driven manner, even where you were able to achieve success.

Repeated failure and the repeated feelings of fear, labelling by society and comparison with ever-higher standards can inevitably lead to symptoms related to mood disorders.

Be honest with your body.

You are your enemy.

Sport is the area where most studies have been done on the effect of Nikephobia. It has been estimated that around 25% of athletes end up experiencing the state of anxiety and fear caused by the weight of victory. In general, the symptomatology present in all areas where this type of phobia is perceived is similar: insomnia, palpitations, demotivation, anxiety, which, as has been said, can lead, if repeated over time, to real mood disorders and depressive states.

The result is inevitably one that leads to self-sabotage of one's achievements to avoid facing the burden of victory.

You are not here for this.